Toyota Tundra 07-20, 2.0, IFP, 0-2
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Toyota Tundra 07-20, 2.0, IFP, 0-2", Front Coil-Over, Single

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Toyota Tundra

07-20, 2.0, IFP, 0-2"

Front Coil-Over, Single

Shocks consist of two telescopic tubes which slide into each other, a spring of some type and an eye at either end through which the whole mechanism is affixed to the frame. A small bushing (a type of simple bearing) in each eye enables the shock to pivot smoothly when the suspension is active.

Every shock will feature some kind of spring mechanism which compresses under force, and all but the most basic will contain some kind of damping system which regulates the rate at which the spring compresses, as well as how it rebounds.

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