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Toyota 1FZ-FE JE Pistons 376762 100.5mm

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Specificationü  Bore: 100.5mmü  C/Height: 1.653"ü  Pin Length: 2.250"ü  Pin Diameter: 1.024"ü  Dish -20ü  Top Ring: 1.5mmü  2nd Ring: 1.5mmü  Oil Ring: 3.0mmü ...


ü  Bore: 100.5mm

ü  C/Height: 1.653"

ü  Pin Length: 2.250"

ü  Pin Diameter: 1.024"

ü  Dish -20

ü  Top Ring: 1.5mm

ü  2nd Ring: 1.5mm

ü  Oil Ring: 3.0mm

ü  Weight: 550g

ü  JE 0.073 Wire Locks

Detailed description

HPS teamed up with JE pistons to develop high-performance pistons to increase power and perform flawlessly under Xtreme heat and pressure. JE Pistons is the leader in forged racing pistons.

Specially Design for high horsepower.

ü  Forged 2618 Material used that is 100% approved and certified that it can handle up to 1500 HP.

ü  Total Seal Premium rings are included.

ü  9310 HD pin included it can handle up to 1500 HP.

ü  For upgrading piston Xtreme HD pin is also available it can handle up to 2500 HP.

ü  Arrive ready to install.

ü  Set of pistons with pins and lock.

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