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JE Pistons, 99.5mm for Nissan TB48DE (Coated) - 360541

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Specificationü  Bore: 99.5mmü  C/Height: 1.467"ü  Pin Length: 2.500"ü  Pin Diameter: 0.905"ü  Dish -0.154ü  Top Ring: 1.5mmü  2nd Ring: 1.5mmü  Oil Ring: 3.0mmü ...


ü  Bore: 99.5mm

ü  C/Height: 1.467"

ü  Pin Length: 2.500"

ü  Pin Diameter: 0.905"

ü  Dish -0.154

ü  Top Ring: 1.5mm

ü  2nd Ring: 1.5mm

ü  Oil Ring: 3.0mm

ü  Weight: 481g

ü  JE 0.073 Wire Locks

Detailed description

HPS teamed up with JE pistons to develop high-performance pistons to increase power and perform flawlessly under Xtreme heat and pressure. JE Pistons is the leader in forged racing pistons. The HPS JE Crown Coated Pistons are made to reduce friction and wear, reduces part operating temperature, can increase horsepower and torque, reduce or eliminate detonation, allow higher compression ratios to be utilized, and allow the tighter piston to wall clearances for a better ring seal.

Specially Design for high horsepower.

ü  Forged 2618 Material used that is 100% approved and certified that it can handle up to 1500 HP.

ü  Total Seal Premium rings are included.

ü  9310 HD pin included it can handle up to 1500 HP.

ü  For upgrading piston Xtreme HD pin is also available it can handle up to 2500 HP.

ü  Arrive ready to install.

ü  Set of pistons with pins and lock.

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