Air Bleed Adaptor Kit - AEPERF
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Air Bleed Adaptor Kit

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To assist expel unwanted air from the engine’s cooling system, following the fitment of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump Or Electric Booster Pump an Air Bleed Fitting Kit is now available. This fitting offers a simple method that helps ensure all air can be removed. The ¼” NPT threaded brass fitting has a bleed screw which can be opened. When coolant begins to flow, all air should have been removed from the system and the bleed screw closed. The dual ¼" NPT threads allow the fittment of both the air bleed and a inline ¼" NPT Thermal Sensor (Part #18415) and are included in the EWP Digital Controller Kit and EWP Combo.


Air Bleed Fittings are not common on modern day vehicles and are an added convenience to rid the cooling system of air pockets when trapped in the system. Air in any cooling system can lead to an overheating engine.


The Air Bleed Fitting should be installed in the top radiator hose at the highest point of the cooling system. Removing the air and allowing coolant to displace it allows the cooling system to function more efficiently.

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